Airdrop seasons

Old Rock will have a 3-season $DENSITY airdrop.

Season 1: 2 months

  1. Old Rock social share

  2. LP participation

  3. Playing ranked games of Density Deck

Season 2: 1 month

  1. Social share/LP participation/Ranked DD games

Season 3: 1 month

  1. Social share/LP participation/Ranked DD games

Each week/month we have a sanctioned tournament with prizes. At the end of the airdrop season there is the first quarterly tournament to punctuate the season.

Airdrop allocation is proportional to the actions you participate in. Highest allocation given to people who play and win ranked games of Density Deck, most notably participants and winners of sanctioned tournaments and custom community organized tournaments, with a special allocation for custom tournament organizers.

Airdrop allocation will also become more accessible faster to individuals who spend their airdrop on Density Deck ranked games.

Density Deck, is a fun-first competitive P2E card game. It is not a TCG, think more like poker/spades/blackjack. This means there is no barrier to entry for people who don’t have the time to learn a TCG like Magic or the budget to invest in a deck. With Density Deck you simply learn our rules, figure out your strategy along the way, and try your luck in FFA 4 player matchmaking on our webapp.

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