The world anxiously awaits what's next!

The central narrative of Old Rock gradually unfolds as we release new panels to propel the plot forward. Each chapter consists of 16 parts, but they may not adhere strictly to chronological order—deciphering the sequence adds an element of exploration. Be vigilant, as certain panels conceal puzzles; however, not all are immediately apparent, demanding careful attention to detail.

In subsequent comic releases, holders were prompted to unravel these concealed puzzles within the pages. The comics delved into enigmatic themes surrounding the rocks, speculating on their significance in the comic's world. As the narrative progressed, it was revealed that a potential disease was linked to the excavation site, motivating the main characters to feel an inherent obligation to uncover a solution and unravel the mysteries surrounding the rocks and their existence.


For an up-to-date detailing of the progression of these numerous puzzles, you can find them all organized on a dedicated thread within the Old Rock Discord. Can you dig?

Future plans include the release of additional comic publications across various contexts, including physical and digital formats, as well as playable versions. Each of these releases will spotlight specific participants within this expansive comic universe.

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