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As the Goliath disease relentlessly advances, we navigate a world unraveling at its very seams. A global surge in crime tightens its grip on society, commencing with looting and rioting but swiftly evolving into something far more ominous. A toxic amalgamation of greed, power, and fear has corroded our societal foundations, relinquishing control to chaos and uncertainty. Goliath gangs emerge, their havoc intensifying with each passing day. In the aftermath of this upheaval, some cities fare worse than others, grappling with the consequences of this relentless turmoil.

Game type

BountyCall stands out as an exceptional game (exceptionally difficult), residing within our Old Rock Discord server as a custom-made Discord bot.

In essence, BountyCall falls into the category of a visual novel, though with a nuanced approach that offers a unique blend of storytelling and immersion. Think of it as a captivating choose-your-own-adventure experience, where the narrative unfolds based on the decisions you make. The game introduces a leaderboard accessible directly within the Discord bot, and sporadic competitions are organized to add an extra layer of excitement.

BountyCall - empowering citizens to restore order

Amidst the chaos, an organization has risen to assist law enforcement and military personnel in tackling superhuman threats - BountyCall. This hotline provides a financial incentive for justice, offering rewards for the capture and, in certain instances, the extermination of the most formidable offenders. Completion of the task results in rewards, confirmed in the case of death or taken charge when handed over to military or law enforcement.

BountyCall shops

To equip hunters with the necessary tools to deal with and apprehend these dangerous individuals, BountyCall shops have been established. These shops are found in most major cities, with a few discreet locations for the observant.

Get hunting!

There are five distinctive Goliath NFTs with bounties in the collection: Silverstrike, The Siren, The Reaper, Unknown, and The Archon. Players can engage in any order of their liking. Holding an Old Rock or Goliath NFT grants three lives for each story. Upon exhausting all lives, a full reset is necessary, more information on this is available in Discord.

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