Game modes

Casual games

Untracked tables for casual play and strategy testing.

Playability with friend invites and AI opponents in a single player version.

Guest accounts playing without a web3 wallet may only play on these tables.

Ranked games

Competitive platform for players of all levels.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro table selection.

Predator level events on special occasions.

$DENSITY required for entry fee based on table selection. See Game distribution

Matchmaking ensures fair play; global ranking tracked and displayed

Do well and gain access to Tournaments.

Tournament events

Showcases top players in a grand contest.

No entry fee.

HUGE rewards up for grabs.

Seeding based on rank & Win/Loss.

Win/Loss tracked but doesn't affect global rank.

Tournament organization

  • Weekly tournaments take place every week except the final week of the month. The last week of each month hosts the monthly tournament. However, in the months of March, June, September, and December, monthly tournaments are replaced by quarterly tournaments. The December tournament holds special significance as it includes an additional prize and serves as the year's concluding tournament, crowning the champions of that year.

  • There is no limit to the number of players who can join a tournament simultaneously. In cases where the participant count falls short for a complete 4-player table, 3-player tables will be formed, avoiding 2-player configurations.

  • Tournaments follow a 3 + 1 + 1 structure. All players engage in three games to determine their scores. The top 16 players then qualify for the semi-final, divided into 4 tables with 4 players each. The semi-final operates as an elimination round, with only one winner from each table advancing to the final. The final round ultimately decides the tournament winner.

  • The tournament lobby opens 20 minutes before the first game begins, and participants must be ready in the lobby by then. If a participant fails to join the game at the tournament's start, the game will continue until their turn. If the player doesn't reconnect before their turn timer expires, the game will consider their turn surrendered.

Custom tournaments

Interested in organizing a gaming competition for your community or pitting it against another community? Density Deck allows different communities to host custom tournaments. Organizers from these different communities have the option to incorporate an entry fee, ensuring a substantial percentage allocation for their efforts and creating a profitable and engaging event for everyone. They can also customize the prize structure for participants, enhancing the tournament experience. This is made possible through a smart contract generated programmatically and minted by the form submitter, ensuring a seamless gaming experience and secure distribution of rewards to their community members.

Our exclusive custom tournaments, crafted from authorized submissions, guarantee a distinctive gaming experience. Engineered to deliver excitement without affecting your Win:Loss ratio or overall rank standings, participants have the opportunity to compete for rewards provided by collaborating communities. It's important to note that these tournaments do not issue table winner or tournament winner NFTs like Old Rock regular sanctioned tournaments.

To add a personal touch, organizers can enhance the visual appeal by uploading the Tournament's Hero Image and additional branding materials. In line with our commitment to inclusivity, the Token Gating feature allows organizers to specify NFT addresses required for entry, ensuring a diverse and engaging participant pool. This means organizers from various communities can put together tournaments for their respective communities, offering a unique and profitable gaming experience.

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