Shattered World

Act 1 set to launch June 1st 2024

Navigate the aftermath of the Goliath disease outbreak in this 4 Act choose-your-own-adventure experience set in a world that's been plunged into madness and newfound abilities.

The unfolding narrative

Your city is exposed to a rampant disease, unleashing illness upon some while gifting extraordinary and unsettling powers to others. Law enforcement agencies across the country have crumbled, some entirely eradicated.

When you responded to a call from a med school mentor, you had no idea that it would lead you to this point – in a makeshift camp, tending to the afflicted with nothing but your intellect and med student expertise. Against overwhelming odds, each decision you make carries consequences, some more severe than others. Will you survive? Will you profit?

Playable comic book

Shattered World is part of the ongoing Old Rock storyline, offering a unique visual novel gaming experience. Accessible via webapp and compatible with any standard browser, the game requires a Goliath NFT to serve as your in-game character.

Each Goliath character possesses a limited number of lives per playthrough, and once depleted, the character's metadata reflects this change. Following a character's demise, they lose the ability to play until they potentially find a means of revival.

Earn as you play

Accumulate Density as you navigate the Shattered World. The Densitron, an exclusive in-game device, allows you to transform your in-game token into actual $DENSITY. However, the machine is currently broken, and you will need to fix first.

Density Deck debut

Within Shattered World, experience a single player debut of Density Deck. Pit yourself against varying AI difficulty levels and get a taste of what's to come. This launch marks the debut of Density Deck, with a full multi-player version set to follow in the coming months.

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