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Old Rock

Our genesis collection. There are a total of 500 Old Rock NFTs. Free mint.

You might be wondering, why "Old Rock"? Well, it's more than a name; it's a concept. Rocks, by their nature, are ancient, and the rocks of Old Rock carry a history far beyond their material existence. To truly understand their significance, you'll have to join us on this voyage of discovery.

There are 11 different rock types in the collection, each with different properties. There are also three different densities: low, medium, and high. A high-density black rock, for example, has some control over dark matter. This will affect many aspects of your gaming and amplification experiences. You must own at least one Old Rock to participate in our rewards program: Amplify.

Live Activations for Old Rock:


The game pieces. There are a total of 5,000 Goliath NFTs. Mint price of 0.015.

Goliath, a disease stemming from the Old Rocks, emerged as the mining crew unearthed these ancient stones. Initially afflicting one or two individuals, it swiftly spread. Some display immunity, while others express four manifestations: uninfected, low, medium, and high density. Goliath alters humans, amplifying their prominent archetypal tendencies to varying degrees. This amplification and manifestation of superhuman capabilities comes at a price.

The advancement of the disease is contingent upon the infected person's reaction to it. A highly reactive mental, emotional or physical response accelerates the disease at a rate commensurate with the infected person's reactions, frequently resulting in fatality. Survival pivots on an individual's inner willpower, fortitude, and strength, with those possessing these qualities enduring escalating density and heightened superhuman power. In severe instances, an individual losing complete control can swiftly metamorphose into an actual rock, a fate that has befallen a significant portion of the world. The Goliath NFTs represent a moment in time for each individual, a starting point for the NFT owner interested in using these game pieces in the many different activations coming to the overall ecosystem.

Goliath serves as the key element in our upcoming software releases, enhancing actions within the Old Rock ecosystem. These NFTs, essentially your chosen persona, dynamically adapt in specific games based on in-game achievements. Character demise, reflected in metadata and appearance changes, may restrict your capabilities in the ecosystem, urging caution.

As previously mentioned, individuals carrying a Goliath infection develop superhuman abilities, with powers intensifying alongside increasing density. However, these abilities come with corruption, as evident in adverse effects for carriers like the medium-density red variant—an archetype characterized by intense passion. Those affected gain a powerful manifestation of an inexhaustible fire spouting from within, converting their typically intangible passion into a tangible force.

The responsibility of controlling this fire becomes notably significant. Importantly, the disease's progression does not alter a person's fundamental nature; inherently good individuals remain virtuous, while those with darker intentions retain their malevolence. Alternatively, individuals placed in unique situations amid these prevailing conditions may feel compelled to navigate the delicate balance of their moral and ethical compass.

Live Activations for Goliath:

Announced Activations for Goliath:

  • Shattered World (in late development)

  • Stonebound Souls (in late development)

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