The 5 most terrifying individuals wanted by BountyCall

While there's no dispute about the crimes these extraordinary individuals have committed, their motives remain shrouded in mystery. It's presumed that they are driven by power hunger or evil intentions, wielding their newfound and scarcely understood abilities for their selfish desires.


The man is a monster, drunk on the power of the silver rocks he has collected. He claims they called to him from deep within the earth, and when he had unearthed them, he had felt their power flow into him. His eyes shine with a mad light. He is known for his maniacal laughter. It is rumored that the silver rocks whisper to him, promising more power, more glory... He moves with superhuman speed. Approach with extreme caution!

The Siren

Seen wearing heavy armor, she moves with grace that belies the weight of the armor, and her eyes shine with a fierce intelligence. It is said that an aquamarine stone, embedded in her face and chest, pulsed with a sickly light. That it whispers secrets to her, promising power and knowledge beyond mortal ken. She is dangerous, seductive, and witty, but those who seem to know her feared the corruption that lurks. Approach with extreme caution.

The Reaper

The individual in question is wanted for engaging in dangerous activities, including the sale of heliosite. The rocks have been known to cause harm to those who handle them without proper protection. The suspect is extremely dangerous and should not be approached. The suspect is believed to be armed and has been known to use force when confronted. They are to be considered extremely dangerous and potentially lethal.


Eyewitnesses report a figure that appears to be under the control of a powerful black rock. The rocks appear to emit an otherworldly aura that engulfs the suspect, giving them enhanced strength, speed, and agility. The suspect has been seen often vanishing into the darkness of the rocks only to reappear elsewhere.

The Archon

The Archon is the moniker adopted by a notorious individual who has completely succumbed to the influence of the red rocks. This person is a formidable threat and should be avoided at all costs. They have caused numerous deaths and are believed to have amassed a following of other individuals who have also been impacted by the red rocks.

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